1.  What is the Lanterman Learning Center LMS?

LMS is an acronym for Learning Management System. It is an automated system that can streamline the training registration process, allow access to training, help administrators manage training, and enable reporting on training initiatives.

2.How do I access the LMS?

Use the LMS link here or type the following web address in your web browser:


3. How do I log into the LMS?

For new users, select the [Register] button and complete all fields to create an account.  Once registered, enter your email address and password.

4. How do I change my LMS password?

Once logged in, select [My Account] in the upper right corner of your homepage and select change password.

5. How do I search for a specific training?

To search all training offered within the LMS, in the [Search] box in the top right corner of your homepage, type a search word that may be in the title or description of the course. You may also search using the following methods:

·Log in to the LMS

·Select the [Catalog] button or enter a key word in the [Search Bar].

6.How do I enroll in a specific training?

To enroll in a specific course, click on the [Enroll] button on the right of that course listing. 

7.  How do I see what training I'm enrolled in?

Select the [My Training] tab and you current enrollments will be displayed.

8.How do I launch an online course?

Once enrolled, all training will be located under the [My Training] tab.Select the [Start] button to begin the training.  If you have already begun the training, select the [Resume] button to resume the training where you left off. Turn off your pop-up blockers and make sure you have flash installed.

9.Why won’t my online course launch?

If your online course will not launch, check the following:

·Your Web browser’s pop-up blocker is turned off.

·The latest version of Flash is installed on the computer.

·Adobe Acrobat Reader v.6.0 or higher is installed on the computer.

10.How do I print a certificate of completion?

Select the [Completed] tab under the [My Training] tab. Scroll to the training and select the [Certificate] button.  Not all training includes a certificate.

11.Is there a time limit for activity in the LMS?

Yes. After 15 minutes of inactivity, you will be automatically logged off.You will need to login again in order to continue.

12.I didn’t sign up for a class, so why does LMS say I’m enrolled for it?

Either your manager or an LMS Administrator assigned the training to you. The offering may have been assigned to you automatically as part of a Center-wide training requirement.

13.I have an LMS account, but why can’t I login?

Your login information may be incorrect.  Select [Forgot my Password] and your email address and your password will be sent to you.

14.What if I still have questions?

Contact Training and Development at training@lanterman.org.